Visit 217+ old window ideas to upcycle! (with tutorials)

Visit 217+ old window ideas using vintage wooden windows! All these upcycled projects lead to full tutorials so you can make them too!

Old windows are so fun to create projects with! They can diy into so many wonderful and useful things other than just being old window frames!

Plus, old windows can also work with any decorating theme. Whether you decorate modern, industrial or farmhouse, you can adapt them into your own style.

Touring an old window greenhouse

What can I do with an old window?


Your options to decorate with old windows are limitless! Here’s a few suggestions, but be sure to check out all the features in this post for some massive old window inspiration!

Where do you find old windows?


Old window shopping can be very economical! Just be on the lookout everywhere you go. In most cases, I find old windows being given away for free! The above window windfall was at a local garage sale, so you just never know.

Here’s a few places to try:

  • flea markets
  • garage sales
  • curbside finds
  • thrift stores
  • from friends or family
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • watch for old buildings being demolished and ask
  • salvage yards

Are old windows worth anything?


Old windows can be worth something if they are large, unique and in really good condition. I’ve spotted elaborate vintage windows at salvage yards for hundreds of dollars if the glass panes are unique, all the way to free from the curb.

But if you land an old free window you love and wish to create with, that is priceless in my book! 

How to prepare old windows for decorating


Whether you plan to use an old window in its present condition or you wish to clean it up, I suggest to do a little prep work to ensure it’s safe to create with:

  1. ensure the window panes are intact or repaired
  2. or remove all the glass window panes so they are safer to create with
  3. brush off any loose paint outdoors, wearing gloves and breathing protection
  4. seal old windows for safety with a protectant to avoid lead exposure if you don’t plan to repaint. I like using Tough Coat Matte Finish by Fusion Mineral Paint. HERE is how I protected old chippy wood with a DIY mirror frame.
  5. or repaint with a quality furniture paint, such as Fusion Mineral Paint. (get 10% off all products HERE)

So let’s create!

This post shares 217+ creative window ideas to make, all leading to tutorials. Simply scroll through the main features below, as well as check out the add-on projects at the bottom of this post for more!

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217+ repurposed old window ideas


Wreath hanger


Old window backdrop for a wreath via A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

This old window is the perfect rustic backdrop for an equally rustic wreath. Layering your decorating can bring a much more substantial focus to projects and this old window does that well! Perfect for living room wall decor and more.

Window mirror


Vintage window mirror by Finding Home

Have a window frame without glass panes? Flip it into a window bathroom mirror instead!

Mirrors help bounce light around, especially useful in darker areas. Although this particular sample isn’t used for looking into, it’s my bet the entry way is much brighter because of it! Gorgeous!

This whole setup is perfect as a towel holder or for an entryway or mudroom or to display jewelry.

Window picture frame


Wood-framed window with string for picture frame via Funky Junk Interiors

Try this cool idea using an old window as a picture frame!  Each old black and white photo is held in place with string for a rustic/modern twist. It’s an interesting and beautiful way to frame a keepsake photograph, especially if the old window comes from a childhood home.

This would make a great addition to any empty wall or shelf.

Old window Christmas sign


Old window Christmas sign with burlap by Denise on a Whim

Could a single window pane Christmas sign get any cozier looking? Love the rustic warmth of burlap with this fun, festive Christmas message! 

Old window storage cabinet


Old window reclaimed wood cabinet, by Bliss Ranch

This used window flipped into a gorgeous storage cabinet from reclaimed wood is a true, one of a kind treasure, custom built to suit the window used! The depth of this DIY project would make a fabulous kitchen, bathroom cabinet or handy jewelry organizer.

Window chalkboard


Large window chalkboard calendar by Thistlewood Farms

One of my favorite ideas is to flip a huge old window with many panes into a productive chalkboard! The sections act well to separate days from tasks making it a perfect family command center. Or possible a massive calender in an office.

This idea would work well using chalkboard paint or any furniture paint, such as Fusion Mineral Paint’s Coal Black or Ash.

Get all Fusion Mineral Paint products for 10% off HERE

Old window garden pergola


Old window pergola by Somewhat Quirky

Could your own backyard or flowerbeds use a little garden art? These old window frames turned into a garden pergola add so much interest to plain posts! Can also be scaled smaller for a garden arbor. Can you imagine vines winding through all the frames or hanging a garden swing from this structure?

What a charming addition this would be to a greenhouse or garden shed!

Old window mantel decor


Junk styled mantel with old window and rusty relics / Funky Junk Interiors

Gather up your finest finds from flea markets for this funky layered mantel with a salvaged rustic vibe. Start with an old window as the base, then layer collections around the old window from there.

Layered windows Christmas mantel decor


Old windows Christmas fireplace mantel / Funky Junk Interiors

Doesn’t this old window mantel resemble a snowy cabin in the woods, flickering with the warmth of a fireplace? Realistic indoor snow tips in this one too! Gather up a group of old windows from salvage yards to get this look!

Old windows on a garden shed

Old windows on a shed / Funky Junk Interiors

Have you ever thought to enhance a garden shed with old windows? The windows were positioned first, then the siding built around them. this old window frame idea certainly adds a dash of window authenticity to this shed, doesn’t it?

Window box planters on a garden shed


Window box planters on a garden shed

Here’s an updated version of the garden shed shown above! The shed has been rebuilt, although the same old window exists. But now each old window showcases window box planters for added garden charm!

Window string art


Old window string junk display via Funky Junk Interiors

With the same idea as the photo string wrapped window, here’s how you can wrap other trinkets in the window instead! A vintage rolling pin and wooden spoon provide the perfect kitchen art. Kind of resembles a shadow box appearance, doesn’t it?

Create a frosty faux ice-covered window

Did you know you can create your own ice on an old window? This is a spray product that turns into ice crystals once it hits glass! It’s amazing.

View Crystal Frost Spray on Amazon HERE

Old window fall sign


Homemade pumpkin pie sign for kitchen decor

Team up the perfect Homemade Pumpkin Pie stencil with an old window to stencil up this charming fall sign that is perfect for fall kitchen decor! This tutorial teaches you how to stencil on glass, fix mistakes and more.

View the Homemade Pumpkin Pie stencil HERE

Old window directional signs frame


Summer directional window signs

Need more than one sign for a given project? Create a directional sign using an old window frame with individual panes you can hang each sign inside! This vacation themed sign includes Cabins, Rentals and Beach all made from THIS GETAWAY COLLECTION OF STENCILS.

Fall Pumpkin Spice window sign


Pumpkin Spice window sign

Make a fall Pumpkin Spice sign with an old window frame, but don’t forget to add the hooks to hang up your mugs! This sign offers a fun chalkboard look that can become the starting point of so many different looks!

View the Pumpkin Spice stencil from HERE

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Visit 216+ more window features below!

Below are 216+ more old window projects all leading to tutorials!

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Which old window project inspires you most?

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