Easy DIY pallet Christmas tree sign with stencils and wood

If you love pallet Christmas trees, here’s how to create an easy DIY pallet Christmas tree sign with stencils and cedar strips for the perfect Christmas porch sign!

DIY Christmas trees are my jam! They are so fun to make and a blast to customize!

While most of the wooden Christmas trees I’ve made in the past were cut from small wood scraps…

Wooden Christmas Tree sign with crate skirt

… this particular Tall Christmas Tree in a 3D crate skirt was a much larger version, that worked perfectly as a front porch sign or Christmas art! And I’m even more happy to report, this project is one of my top Christmas posts!

So since it was so fun to make, I decided to come up with a slightly different wood Christmas tree variation for holiday decor… old pallet-style!

View Pallet Christmas Tree stencil HERE

Stencils used for this project:


Pallet Christmas Tree stencil


Pallet Christmas Tree is a 10-piece stencil kit that mimics the look of a real wooden pallet  tree project… but this time, you can achieve the entire look with just paint if desired!

The pallet boards are actually separate stencils so you can also letter up your pallet planks with the greeting, We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

So when I designed this stencil, the first thing that popped into my mind was, “Those boards would look decadent if I used real cedar strips…” So that’s the size they were sized to!

View Mini Snow Flurry stencil HERE

Mini Snow Flurry stencil


To accompany the tree sign, Mini Snow Flurry, a repeating winter pattern stencil with tiny random round snowflakes, provided the perfect-sized snowfall for the backdrop!

The outcome of this sign turned out so cool! So if you too love the look of rustic pallet Christmas trees but building one from scratch is a little overwhelming, here’s an easy way to get the look!

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DIY Pallet Christmas Tree sign with stencils and wood

Supplies you’ll need:


Pallet Christmas tree stencil from HERE

Mini Snow Flurry stencil from HERE

3 planks of wood – my 3 planks measure: 5.25″ x 4′ long each

Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash, Pearl Metallic Paint and Bronze Metallic Paint

Wider paint brush like this Palm Pro

Dome-tipped stencil brush

Cedar strips measuring 1.5″ deep

Bosch Miter saw

Makita cordless drill

Bosch variable speed orbital sander

Nails or screws

Cutting the pallet Christmas tree boards


1. Using a miter saw, cut planks a little larger than the stencil size.

These planks measure: 5.25″ x 4′ long each.

The stencil image measures: 9.5″w x 30.6″ tall.

Joining the boards with supports


2. Join the boards together with either a Kreg Jig pocket hole maker, or like I did with two small support boards shown in THIS wooden Christmas tree sign.

These support boards can be placed on either the back or the front of the sign. I chose the back this round.

Painting the wood Ash


3. Using a wider paint brush, paint the boards with Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash.

I only needed one coat.

This is a deep charcoal colour that resembles a softer black. It is perfection to make those soon-to-be wooden branches pop!

View Pallet Christmas Tree stencil HERE

Positioning the stencil on the boards


4. Position the Pallet Christmas Tree stencil in the middle of the sign boards, holding it in place with masking tape.

Set the small board stencils with words to the side for the time being. We’ll use them yet!


Stenciling the Christmas tree details


5. Stencil the star, post and tree stand in a mix of Fusion’s Pearl Metallic Paint and Bronze Metallic Paint.

Star and tree stand: The star and tree stand were stenciled in Pearl first, then Bronze was added to the stencil edges to distress them up a little.

Tree post: The middle tree post was stenciled in Bronze first, then lightly highlighted in the center with Pearl. This gave the post the look of a metal pipe!

6. Before removing the stencil, gently swipe the edges of each stencil board image with a little paint so placement for the cedar planks is easily done.

Instructions for flawless stenciling:


  1. Load a dome-tipped stencil brush with paint.
  2. Remove most paint onto a rag until brush feels dry.
  3. Tap paint through stencil for desired effect and coverage.

Learn more about how to stencil from THIS POST.

Adding cedar strips


7. Cut 9 pieces of cedar strips slightly longer than the stenciled board images so they completely cover the stenciling.

You could also add wood stain to the cedar strips if you wished to make them darker. I left mine natural.

Stenciling words onto the cedar strips


8. Position the board stencils with words onto each plank, then stencil the words in Fusion’s Ash so they really pop against the wood!

View Mini Snow Flurry stencil HERE

Adding snowflakes to the background


9. Attach each cedar strip to the sign board with 1 screw, attempting screw placements that work with the words. (ie: dotting the i’s)

You could also use wood glue or hot glue to attach the strips.

10. To add a snowy background, position the Mini Snow Flurry stencil on the dark background, and stencil with Pearl Metallic Paint.

Move the stencil around and add additional snowflakes were desired to cover most of the top of the sign, fading to no snowflakes about half-way down.

Are you even ready to see how adorable this Christmas tree sign turned out?!

The finished DIY Pallet Christmas Tree porch sign!


I’m just smitten with the finished pallet wood Christmas Tree sign!

To style it up as a porch sign, I added a vintage crate filled with pinecones at the base of the sign. An evergreen branch with the tiniest attached pinecones was draped above the top of the tree. Then copper ornaments along with deep blue ornaments were hung from the top branch and tucked among the pinecones.

The Pallet Christmas tree sign looks great on my porch! I simply pulled together a bucket filled with more evergreen branches, plus a small faux Christmas tree with a little faux snow to complete the look which compliments the dark front door, woodsy screen door and brick perfectly!

And of course, the decorating options are limitless on how to decorate this tree! Here’s a few more ideas:

Other Christmas decorations to consider:


Easy DIY pallet Christmas tree sign with stencils and wood

If you love pallet Christmas trees, here’s how to create an easy DIY pallet Christmas tree sign with stencils and cedar strips for the perfect Christmas porch sign!

  • Miter saw
  • Cordless drill
  • Orbital sander
  • reclaimed wood planks
  • Pallet Christmas Tree stencil
  • Mini Snow Flurry stencil
  • dome tip stencil brush
  • Fusion Mineral Paint – Ash
  • Fusion Mineral Paint – Bronze Metallic
  • Fusion Mineral Paint – Pearl Metallic
  • Wider paint brush like this Palm Pro
  1. Cut planks larger than the Pallet Christmas tree stencil dimensions. These planks measure 5.25" wide x 4' long.

  2. Join the planks with either a Kreg Jig or smaller horizontal board supports screwed in from the back.

  3. Paint the boards in Fusion's Ash.

  4. Position the Pallet Christmas Tree stencil in the middle of the boards.

  5. Stencil the star, tree post and tree stand.

  6. Gently swipe the edges of the tree boards to leave a painted impression to help position the cedar strips.

  7. Cut cedar strips slightly longer than each stenciled tree board.

  8. Stencil 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas" words onto each board as shown.

  9. Attach the cedar strips to the sign boards with screws or glue.

  10. Add a snow backdrop by stenciling Mini Snow Flurry stencil, heavier on top fading to nothing towards the bottom.

  11. Decorate the porch sign as desired!

Christmas decor, Funky Junk’s Old Sign Stencils

All that’s left to say is, yay, my front porch is decorated for Christmas! Let the holiday cheer officially begin!

Now to get busy with the inside…

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